24″ Used Carpet Tile Sold by the Square Foot #950


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24″ Used Carpet Tile Sold by the Square Foot

24″ Used Carpet Tile Sold by the Square Foot #950


This carpet is called walk off. The innovative stiff fiberes trap dirt and debris so that they can

be easily vacuumed up later.

We sell new and used carpet tiles. Our new carpet tile is first and second quality sold at wholesale prices. The used carpet squares are recovered from a commercial building. They are great for churches, schools, offices homes, rental property, restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, day cares and much more. When commercial carpet tile is removed from a building about 70% of it has little to no wear because it is not in the path of foot traffic. We hand sort our used carpet and select the tiles will little to no wear to sell to you. We recommend all of our used tiles be cleaned once installed in order to look their best.

Carpet Tiles are the ideal choice. Unlike expensive carpet, replacement becomes a thing of the past. If your tiles occur damages such as spills, pet stains or excessive wear and tear, you can simply remove the individual carpet tiles and replace them with new ones in no time, helping you maintain the beauty of your flooring for years to come. That is why we suggest to purchase a couple extra for future replacements.

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