36×36 New Carpet Tile Sold By The Square Foot #1358

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36×36 New Carpet Tile Sold By The Square Foot #1358

IMG_7409 36 x 36 New Carpet Tile Sold By The Square Foot #1358

We sell new and used carpet tiles. Our new carpet tile is first and second quality sold at wholesale prices. The used carpet squares are recovered from commercial buildings. They are great for churches, schools, offices, homes, rental property, restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, day cares and much more. When commercial carpet tile is removed from a building about 70% of it has little to no wear because it is not in the path of foot traffic. We hand sort our used carpet and select the tiles with little to no wear to sell to you. We recommend all of our used tiles be cleaned once installed in order to look their best.

Carpet tiles allow you to mix and match designs and colors according to your tastes and your individual room requirements. The added flexibility of removing a single tile for cleaning, replacement or redesign makes using tiles rather than traditional carpeting a favorite design choice.
Carpet tiles allow for more versatility in both design and function than traditional carpeting rolls. If you move, you can pick up your carpet tiles and take them with you. If your child creates a stain, remove the tile, clean it and put it back in place. When you tire of your rug design, move the tiles around for a completely different look. Both businesses and homes can take advantage of carpet tiles to replace only the worn areas of their rug without replacing the entire room

$0.90 - $1.29 Per Square Foot, 36" x 36", 500 -1000 Square Feet, Blues, Browns, Carpet Tiles New and Used, Less than 500 Square Feet, New Carpet Tiles, Shop By Quantity, Shop By Size

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